Thursday, November 5, 2020

A New Promo Piece!

 We have to make adjustment for the current state of our world right now, and much of that means how we promote our talents to art buyers. I used to prefer to send out postcards to businesses but now most are working remotely and prefer email. So, I crafted this mailer to send out to everyone, just as I would have done on a postcard. 

I also included a few process videos I made for my students at Montclair University, to show them a paint rolling technique I learned from one of my mentors. First, I do the drawing digitally and print it on watercolor paper. Then, I mix acrylic paint with clear gesso and roll the paint over the drawing. When it's dry, I begin going over it with colored pencil. The clear gesso allows the paper to become like sandpaper and picks up the colored pencil easier, and with added texture. 

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